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Since its beginning in 1976 this Colombian company has specialized in developing projects for various industries such as oil and gas, telecommunications, power lines and transportation.


Develop projects for national and international engineering, meeting the needs of our clients and partners, contributing to the development of the country.


By the year 2022 to be recognized as leaders in the execution and control of projects in the oil and gas, infrastructure and energy industries, to be considered as a strategic ally of our clients for the development of their projects.

Social Responsability

At Ingecontrol we frame our policy within ethics, human relations, responsibility, determination, tolerance and personal development.

Our Services

At Ingecontrol we’ve always been interested on the importance of research, innovation and sustainable development while implementing our projects.

→ Auditing
→ Consulting
→ Project Management
→ Supervision
→ Design & Engineering
→ Sustainability

Value Proposition

Ingecontrol’s prestige has been built by precision, commitment and teamwork, which are our key elements to develop engineering projects. We work along with our clients to maintain close relationships, quick responses and skilled teams in order to build synergies and long-time partnerships.

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