As a result of our more than 40-year experience we developed a Spin off company Helecho® that represents the Ecotelhado® in Colombia. Ingecontrol develops products that decrease the environmental damages caused by population growth in order to achieve a sustainable future for all.


Being aware of the importance of research and innovation we offer solutions in urban green infrastructure. We provide design services, consulting and execution of live roofs and walls, permeable pavements and ecological drainage in order to reduce environmental damage caused by global warming and urban growth in large cities, with specific results such as heat island reduction , thermal insulation and / or control of rainwater.


The green covers are classified as extensive, semi intensive, intensive and robust. The growth medium varies according to the customer’s needs and cover characteristics, the systems can be divided between layer systems and modular systems. Ecotelhado® offers several green roof systems that fit your needs.


Ecopavimento supports the weight of medium traffic, allows the passage of water and prevents the death of the root system of vegetation. Increase rainwater retention; avoiding the pollution of rivers by the entrainment of particles and nutrients, prolongs evapotranspiration in the natural cycle of water and decreases the heat island in cities.


The vertical gardens or green walls are an application of gardening to architecture, where plants are arranged on vertical surfaces, seeking multiple benefits for the user and our cities. We offer several systems of easy installation, use of recycled materials and low maintenance for the planting of ornamental or consumer species.


Ecodreno® is a shallow depression in the earth, with a thin permeable layer. So that Rainwater is absorbed instead of accumulating on impervious or already saturated surfaces. Filtering the water to the land naturally or to be reused, thus preventing flooding in rural and urban areas

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Higher score for Environmental Certifications (LEED, PRECO) Compared with other systems, due to the use of post-consumer recycled materials, organic materials and on-site production option.

Thermal insulation increasing comfort inside and reducing the thermal amplitude, extending the useful life of the materials and reducing the use of air conditioning, thus providing energy savings and a cleaner and healthier environment.

Control of rainwater helping to reduce the flow of rainwater discharged into our rivers, decreases the possibility of flooding and provides options for the reuse of water.

Reduction of heat island. Some areas of the cities can be 4 • c hotter than their suburban areas. Ecotelhado products reduce the increase in temperature by increasing the green areas and the porosity of the soil.